Thursday, February 24, 2011

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

I'm talk a little bit about one of my favorite comic series ever.
This series has been going on since 1987 and is the longest running manga (over 100 volumes) NOT to have an official anime.

In a Nut Shell: It has action, comedy, gore, vampires, psychics, Aztec gods, robots, Nazis, Italian gangsters, prison, serial killers, cowboys, dinosaurs, rock n' roll and Jesus.
Sprinkled with borderline homosexuality, wonderful costumes, and awesome and creative powers.
The Story:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure tells the story of the Joestar family. The series has several "seasons" spanning 7 generations of the Joestar family. Each season has a different "JoJo" as the protagonist and a different antagonist as well (although sometimes the villain from earlier seasons returns). And then it's the heroes kicking some bad guy ass.


Seasons 1 and 2 used "The Ripple" a type of energy transfer martial arts style thing to take down some vampires and Aztec Stone God things.
But in season 3 the concept of "Stands" is introduced and continues for the rest of the series.
Stands are the psychic manifestation of one's will power that gives the user amazing abilities. It's the first series to introduce the concept of a "spiritual guardian" of sorts and if it took damage then so does the user. There's a whole plethora of abilities that make this comic so fucking bad ass and fun to read. And they're usually named after Bands, Albums or Musicians. (Metallica, Grateful Dead, Sticky Fingers, Crazy Diamond, Killer Queen, etc.)

BEFORE: 1987

AFTER: 2010
Yeah so basically in the 80's and early 90's the art was so bad it's good. Kinda like a successful Rob Liedfeld, because people actually LIKE Hirohiko Araki's artwork. But as the series goes on the art work makes a DRAMATIC improvement and it's very impressive that JBA was a weekly series. But despite the earlier artwork being a little wonky, it actually adds to the charm and creativeness of the series.

GO READ IT NOW! you have to read it online because the series cannot be published in the US because of all the copyrighted material and names of Stands and characters.
SO GO ONLINE! READ AND ENJOY! it's worth it, trust me! :)

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  1. OH YEAAAAAH! JoJo!!! I'm glad to find a fellow JoJo lover! Honestly, JoJo is the bomb. Action, suspense, whitty, comical, and etc. JoJo is not getting the love here in the states. Even though the Steel Ball Run is not on Weekly Jump anymore, it is still drawing a cult like, obsessed, fanatic readers. Anywho, YAY to JoJo!