Sunday, November 28, 2010

If he had some spare time.

My Ugly Shepard. His name is Leon. This is what I believe he does in his free time. In between
  • Saving the Galaxy
  • Protecting Humanity
  • Slaying Reapers
  • Shooting Aliens
  • Punching news reporters in the face. Twice.
  • Dancing
  • Going to strip clubs
  • Having sex with Ashley, Liara, Miranda, Jack, Tali, Kelly, Samara, Morinth, and some other random aliens.
Im pretty sure this is what he does. Taking bubble baths, feeding his fish and growing mushrooms. I mean come on, he can't be that busy ALL the god damn time. And i think the more ugly he is, the weirder his hobbies are. Just sayin.
Think about it. What is your Shepard doing. RIGHT. NOW...

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